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Brand(s): Siltrate ®

Sold as: Generic Viagra


Brand Name: Siltrate

US Brand Name: Viagra

Active ingredients: Sildenafil

Presentation: Tablets

Strength:50mg / 100mg

Manufacturer: Fortune Healthcare

Box with 10 Pills

Country: India

Siltrate 100 is a new launched ED medication manufactured by fortune Healthcare Pvt Ltd as the new entry of the mark in the field of Ed generic products. Compound Sildenafil Citrate as its basic ingredient; this new type of drug used the most reliable forms of drugs to overcome impotence and experience of the last coital bliss.

Available in standard colors blue diamond-shaped tablets; ED pills are comfortable treatments to overcome the shortcomings of the penis with an appropriate medical approach. The 100 mg tablets do their jobs the best to reduce arterial failures and increasing the quality of blood flow to the main sex organ.

Siltrate makes a great entry into the field of generic ED medication specifically indicated for men with erectile repeated failures. The product is one of the high performance booster erectile sexual skills improved by overcoming the chances of failure. The drug is a high-quality composition to address the failures of the penis and enjoy the pleasure of long duration with greater efficiency.

Furthermore, it is safe to consume nitrates, iso-sorbed or other recreational drugs in combination with the ED pill. The drug is safe for adults seeking reliable to overcome the problem of impotence remedy. Penile failures are common, but dealing with them can be a difficult task. Products like Siltrate improve sexual ability in men and helps men experience satisfaction with improved peak power.

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Take the usual tablet form of medicine with appropriate precautions. Not taking nitrates, iso-sorbidies and recreational medicine combined with this tablet as a combination between responds back. Siltrate 50 not take tablets 100 in conjunction with alcohol or grape juice, as these beverages tend to decrease the efficiency and impact on medicine general sexual well-being.

Eat this super efficient 100mg tablet with a simple glass of water approx. 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. To obtain the most effective results, taking the medicine as a whole without chewing or crushing as state changes medicine may reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.

Issue of ED or impotence is the condition in men, as a rule, are classified as regular or repeated inability to achieve and maintain an erection during the session to make love. Aging can be a key element, which is responsible for the increased risk for sexual distress in the 60 years of older men.

None of the known main reason for a person to be powerless is not known. The sexual condition in men may be experienced due to a number of known and unknown reasons. Nevertheless, Siltrate medicine does Ed cure treatment are satisfied and guaranteed. Appropriate moderate consumption of medicine is required for safe and effective results.

Powerful tablet Siltrate reviews allow men to experience long-term satisfaction to alleviate impotence and enjoy sexual intercourse without any worries of repeated penile failures. Rhombus blue pills are the best songs to rely on for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


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