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Little else distresses a man more than erectile dysfunction (ED). But despite the fact that it’s very common—at least 40% of men in their 40s are affected by it— recent research shows that 75% of men with ED do not seek treatment. Does it Work?: It might-but it’s probably not very effective. The only ingredient that was proven to improve erectile strength is ginseng-some studies suggest it strengthens the penile tissue, enabling harder, thicker erections. It’s important to note these effects were only observed in animals, not humans, and its efficacy may not be the same for humans. Other evidence suggests it improves the libido, although researchers believe this is a placebo effect.

The Orlando Health hospital system commissioned Harris Poll to conduct the survey to raise awareness about men’s health issues during National Men’s Health Week Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt and Dr. Sijo Parekattil, two men’s health activists who founded Orlando Health’s Personalized Urology & Robotics Clinic, are taking the results of the survey on the road to encourage men to face their fears about the doctor and make a call that could save their life.

There are websites which claim to make penis size bigger and offer permanent cure for erectile dysfunction and also sell herbal remedies for premature ejaculation. We do not make such tall claims. We claim that we have made the best combination of herbs available in Ayurveda and all the combinations are done by MD Ayurveda experts especially – Dr. Vikram Chauhan, who is MD in herbal pharmacology.

For commodities that require Prior Notice, the Prior Notice Confirmation Number should typically be received within 30 minutes (based on volume of entries/lines received within that window) from the time FDA successfully receives the data in their system.

The RED Pill is the path of Philosophy and Reasoning and Critical Thinking and Science and testing. The BLUE Pill is that of simple and uncritical belief and emotional decision making. Which shall it be? Education and the Liberal Arts and Sciences are about the Red Pill.

Dr Y: The statistics show that one in 19 men are depressed, and for women it’s one in ten – that cannot be real. Those stats are based on consultations and who’s diagnosed with depression or anxiety. It’s not possible that there’s a biological explanation for that. It must be that men are under-reporting it.

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