Finding A Doctor To Help With Men’s Health Issues

Radiation therapy is a well-known cause of ED. Radiation therapy uses high levels of radiation to damage cancer cells’ DNA in an effort to destroy them or keep them from growing and dividing, while minimizing damage to the surrounding healthy cells. Both pelvic external beam radiotherapy and seed implants (brachytherapy) are used to treat prostate cancer. This study serves to remind of the importance of whole-man” evaluation and follow-up for patients with this condition. Urologists and other clinicians need to be attentive to the profound psychological impact of CP/CPPS. Coping mechanisms and medications that address the patient’s mental condition may also assist importantly in ameliorating his physical symptoms.

The New View Manifesto focuses on weaknesses of the prevailing sexual dysfunction classification and medical model. It promotes a politically sensitive social-constructionist perspective and recommends abandoning the effort to define normal” sexual function. It offers an alternative classification system of causes for sexual problems rooted in society, relationships, psychology, and disease. The activism challenges claims made for each emerging FSD drug in terms based on recurring biases in clinical trials, dangers of off-label promotion, researchers’ conflicts of interest, and neglect of nonmedical theory and research on sexuality.

The medication Fildena is an oral solution that comprises of Sildenafil Citrate as functional ingredient of it. This powerful medication is effective for treating erectile dysfunction condition when impotent man is unable to attain stage of a hard erection sufficient for completing a pleasurable intimacy. This medication is composed of Sildenafil Citrate and acts over ED by enhancing blood flow to male genitals after inhibiting PDE-5 enzyme. Complete action mechanism leads to the increment in a cGMP level, which further leads to vasodilation to intensify blood circulation for giving impotent men strength to achieve harder erection that lasts for longer time.

More than 6,300 reports of serious adverse events associated with dietary supplements, including vitamins and herbs, streamed into the FDA from supplement companies, consumers, health-care providers, and others between 2007 and mid-April of 2012. The reports by themselves don’t prove the supplements caused the problems, but the raw numbers are cause for some concern. Symptoms included signs of heart, kidney, or liver problems, aches, allergic reactions, fatigue, nausea, pains, and vomiting.

Even if there is a physical cause, men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction, especially if it has gone on for a long time, may have personal issues which can be addressed in counselling. As well, sexual difficulties can be the cause of or the result of other relationship problems. Couples often find it helpful to seek sexual counselling together. In fact, some doctors are suggesting that relationship counselling should automatically be included as part of a prescription for Fildena or any other medication to treat erectile dysfunction.

The second type of vascular surgery is used when the problem is the blockage of isolated blood vessels. In such cases, the surgery entails bypassing the blocked vessels to allow more blood into the penis. Bypass operations are reserved mainly for patients whose blood flow problems result from injuries such as pelvic fractures. For each of these operations, the success rate in restoring normal erectile function is less than 30%.

We do not have a pharmacy service where we can fill prescriptions for all medications written by physicians, however our company does have the ability to order certain medications and medication supplies that do not require a pharmaceutical license. We are able to distribute to patients with a legitimate prescription certain medications as well as distribute to physicians for their offices.

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